Review Policy

Full Disclosure
The vast majority of the books that I read are bought by me, but there are times when I will review an advanced reader’s edition (or advanced reader copy) of a book that is provided directly by the publisher or via a third party. Also, I may have borrowed the book from the library, from a friend, etc. No matter how the book was acquired, the opinion in the review is my own.

Review Rating System
I use the five star rating system, as it is easier to coincide with my Goodreads rating, and the star values are as follows:
1 Star= I didn’t like the book and would not read it again nor recommend to others.
2 Stars= I found the majority of the book to be not of my liking with some exceptions which I found to be enjoyable.
3 Stars= I found the book to be enjoyable and would likely recommend, but most likely will not be rereading.
4 Stars= I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend to others, but I probably will not be rereading the novel.
5 Stars= I found the book to be highly enjoyable and would certainly read again as well as recommend to others.

Requesting a review
I am currently accepting books for review in the following genres:
Science Fiction
General Fiction

I accept books that are self published.

I cannot and do not give an eta as to when the requested review will be posted to the site.

I will post the requested review on this site as well as on Goodreads.

My preferred formats are kindle, epub, PDF and physical copies.

Not all requests for a review will be accepted. I will contact you by e-mail regarding your request.

Please provide the following information when submitting a request for a review:
1. Title of the book
2. Author
3. Publisher
4. Length of book
5. Genre
6. Formats available
7. Release date (if applicable)
8. Synopsis of the novel

To submit a request to have your book reviewed, or if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.